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NCIPP is an Office of Special Education Programs-funded center which aims to improve teacher quality and increase commitment to teaching students with disabilities by:

  • informing special education policy and practice on induction and mentoring
  • identifying and recommending induction and mentoring implementation strategies.

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NCIPP will achieve these purposes through two phases:

PHASE I: Literature Syntheses & Policy Analysis
  • Induction, Collaboration, IHE-LEA Partnerships, State Policy Analysis
  • Products: Full Reports, Executive Summaries, Induction Insights

PHASE II: Innovative Models

  • Model Programs Case Study
  • Products: Program Descriptions, Readiness Rubric, Mentoring Manuals
Ongoing Dissemination/Technical Assistance
  • Intensive: LEA-IHE
  • Targeted: SEA
  • Universal: Website and Partner Collaboration
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